Challenge Number 2… Cake International Manchester Competition and Mary Berry!

After the competition in November I was determined to enter again in March’s Manchester Cake International show.

Again I wished to challenge myself to create something I’d never done before.

After studying Art and makeup and prosthetics I knew I had a love for drawing/creating people. Especially older people.. I love the details of skin and in my drawings I’ve always tried to capture the persons’ personality and emotion whilst making my drawings as realistic as possible. And whilst on my makeup course I had the chance to get a feel of what it’s like to create people/skin in a 3D form using silicone – making my Art even more realistic.

Biro Drawing This is an A4 Biro Drawing I did three years ago whilst I was doing my A Levels in 2011

draw5 This is an A3 Biro Drawing I did the same year.

pros pros2 Prosthetic work – bit more gory than cake decorating!


So for the Manchester Competition I decided that I wanted to make a life size bust of Mary Berry. She would be attending the show and so I thought it would be a great opportunity.


Like my Monsters University cake I entered her into the Sculpted Novelty Cake category which states that the entire cake must be edible and no internal supports are to be used. She was made entirely from Sponge cake and modelling chocolate. Her pearls where strung together using Royal Icing. The flags and board where made from Sugarpaste.

I was awarded a Silver medal for my cake!

I will be posting the stages of how I made her from start to finish soon.


Manchester Cake and Bake Show!

Last week I received an invite to display my work at the Cake and Bake Show Manchester which opened its doors today and closes Sunday!

I travelled to the show yesterday to set up my table, it looks like it’s going to be a busy weekend!

I have left contact forms for people to fill out to keep informed about upcoming classes in our brand new classroom that opens in May!

I’ve also organised my first class on eventbrite.

alice's table

Disney Pixar Recognition!

Could never have dreamed in a million years that Disney Pixar would get in touch with me asking if they could create a post on their Facebook page about my cake.

This past week has well and truly been the most rewarding and memorable week of my life. I can’t wait to start a new project!

me and cake

Congratulations to Disney Pixar fan, Alice Davies, on winning the Gold Medal at Cake International for her Monsters University inspired sculptured novelty cake! — with Alice Elizabeth Davies.

Challenge Accepted

Having only started cake decorating in May, when I made a cake for my boyfriends’ brother; when my dad first approached me in August to say he wanted me to enter the Competition at Cake International in November I laughed in his face. There was no way that I was going to enter a Competition at the biggest and best cake decorating show in the world. I told him ‘maybe next year’.


This is the first novelty cake I ever made. It was for my boyfriends’ brother who loves kayaking.

Over the following few weeks I designed two new moulds for my parents’ business Karen Davies Sugarcraft Ltd and began working there full-time creating more and more cakes and practising various techniques within Sugarcraft. I soon realised that I had a hidden talent. I’ve always been good at Art and I am slightly obsessed with fine detail when it comes to drawing. It turned out that this also applied to cake decorating.


This is the first mould I created for Karen Davies Sugarcraft Ltd. I wanted to design a Love Bird mould after noticing the trend in vintage cakes and themes being popular at weddings with bird cages being a noticeable feature.


My mum was then invited to be a judge for Renshaw’s Celebration Cake Business of the year Award and I asked if I could go along with her to see the cakes. As soon as I walked into the room I was blown away. I’d never seen cakes with so much detail and different elements about them up close before. Looking at them all made me feel excited and inspired about the industry I’d just walked into. I came out of there knowing that I’d changed my mind and I wanted to accept my dads’ challenge.

The Idea

When thinking about what design to do for my cake I knew that I wanted to well and truly challenge myself and give myself the opportunity to practise and attempt to try out various sugar craft techniques. I’m not one for doing things half heartedly and even though I’d only ever had one go at figure modelling I was determined from the off set to have figures as a main feature on my cake.

Early August my boyfriend and I went to see Monsters University at the cinema. The film was so vivid, colourful, playful and humorous and I thought to myself what a brilliant cake theme it would make. I played various other ideas over and over through my mind but still Monsters University was the one that obviously stood out to me. I saw it as a brilliant opportunity to practise my figure modelling skills as the characters are all so diverse and each and every one has their own distinctive personality and I wanted to be able to express these through my chosen medium.