Art Stages

art complete

Sadly I forgot to take any photos of the stages of Art as he was fairly quick to do.

1.First I coloured some white modelling chocolate purple. I then rolled a sausage to approximately the right length. I used a small cake board to work on so I could secure his legs onto something whilst I was waiting to secure him onto the cake itself. I carefully curved the sausage round so as both ends touched the cake board. I then took a damp paintbrush and firmly pressed and smoothed all around the edges of both ends so as they stuck down to the board. I did this until all the edges almost blended into the surface of the board. The sausage of modelling chocolate then stood upright by itself. With my finger tips I then began to lightly press where I wanted his legs to end and his head/face to start. I then gently started to make the shape of his head by pinching the modelling chocolate into shape. I then left him to dry for a while with a sponge positioned underneath him between his two legs so as he wouldn’t sink.

2. I kept checking to see when he’d stopped sinking and once he had marked where I wanted his mouth to be using a Dresden Tool. I then dug this out and made it smooth inside using a damp paint brush. I then made his eye sockets using a Ball Tool. With a Dresden Tool I then gave the sockets a droopy lower lid. Once the eyes and mouth had been shaped I used small scissors to snip all the hair on his body. I made sure all the hair was facing the right way by snipping in different directions.

3. Using Black Magic Rainbow Dust I then painted the inside of his mouth black. Taking a small piece of white modelling chocolate I then rolled a small ball for the tongue. I flattened it slightly and using my fingers I smoothed the edges. I then dabbed it with glue and place it inside the mouth. I marked a line down the centre using a Dresden Tool, this also helped to secure it. I then painted this Pink and gave it some shadowing using Black Rainbow Dust.

Arts’ teeth are rather big and goofy compared to the other characters and they’re also not in line with each other and have gaps in between them as well as being slightly different sizes. I made four teeth for the top set and six for the bottom. I then secured these by giving the top and bottom of his mouth a light layer of glue. I placed each tooth into his mouth individually using a cocktail stick. Once all his teeth where in place I rolled a long thin sausage from my purple coloured modelling chocolate for his lips. I then cut this in half and measured the two halves against his mouth before trimming them to size. I then dabbed around his mouth with glue and placed the two pieces on to give him a top and bottom lip. I then carefully disguised the join of the two by blending them together using a Dresden Tool and a small damp paintbrush. Once dry I painted these using Plum Truffle Rainbow Dust.

4. Next I rolled two small balls from my white modelling chocolate for his eyes. I measured these against the eye sockets and once I was happy I dabbed the inside of the socket with glue and placed the two eyes inside. Taking two small pieces of my purple modelling chocolate I then made his two eyelids to give him the ‘dopey’ look he is known for. I rolled two small balls and gently flattened them. Placing them down on my work surface I then took a Cutting Wheel and cut them to size and shape. I then glued them into position on the eyes.

Taking two small pieces of my purple modelling chocolate I rolled two tiny fat sausages for his eye brows. I secured them on top of his head by gently pushing the edges into his head with a Dresden Tool. I then carefully snipped them like the rest of his hair. Using Edible Art Lavender dust mixed with isopropyl alcohol I then painted the top and lower lids and his eyebrows. I then painted all the detail of his eye using Brown, Gold, Black and White Rainbow Dusts and a fine paintbrush.

5. I then rolled two sausages from my purple modelling chocolate for his arms. I measured them against his body and trimmed them so as they would hang down from his main body but without touching the floor. At one end of each I slightly flattened it to give him hands. Using my fingers I then rolled and thinned a slight wrist. Art has four fat fingers on each hand. Using a pair of small scissors I cut four fingers. I then smoothed each one using a damp paintbrush. I then snipped all the hair on his arms starting from his wrists. I then painted his hands with the Edible Art Lavender dust and a fine paintbrush so I could get in under the hair on his wrists. I then attached both arms just past where the slight indents for his thighs are. Again I used a Dresden Tool and damp paintbrush to blend them into his body. I then placed two small pieces of sponge underneath each hand to give them a slight bend and left them to dry.

6. Using the Edible Art Lavender dust straight from the pot I then gave him his stripes on his body and arms. Using Black Rainbow Dust I then dusted the insides of his legs and under his head to give him shadowing.

art steve pic


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