Nancy Kim Stages

nancy kim complete

Nancy Kim’s body is made entirely from Flower Paste as I wanted her to dry really solid due to her shape and thin neck before her big eye. Her legs are made of Modelling Chocolate.

1. I started by colouring a piece of White Flower Paste Charcoal Grey. I then coloured a small amount of white Modelling Chocolate the same colour.

2. With the Flower Paste I then rolled a thin sausage. I then began to roll the sausage from the bottom thinning it into a point but stopping before reaching the other end so as I’d leave the end larger for the eye. I did this flat on my work surface. Once I was happy with the proportion I smoothed the top end into a ball for the eye. With a Dresden Tool I then gently marked out the shape of her eye. I then positioned the neck so as it had a slight bend in it. With my palm I then smoothed and rounded her bottom end. I left this to dry for a few hours.

3. I then took a thin 4″ cake board to place her on. From my grey coloured modelling chocolate I rolled three small balls for her legs. I then carefully pressed each one into a bean shape. I picked up her body and held it upright on the cake board. Keeping hold of her I then positioned the six legs around her. I dabbed around the bottom of her body with glue and then pushed the legs into place. With a Dresden Tool I then went round and further secured them. I left these to dry for an hour.

4. I then coloured a small piece of white modelling chocolate a darker grey. These were for the leather straps around her legs and  the collar around her neck. I then rolled this out thinly with a Rolling pin. I cut six small rectangles for her legs and one to wrap around her neck. I dabbed her neck with glue and then wrapped the collar around into position. I blended in the joins with a small damp paintbrush. I then dabbed each of her legs with glue and one by one I placed a strap on top. With my Dresden Tool I then carefully pushed the sides down and secured them. I then rolled tiny balls of white modelling chocolate and stuck them along the straps on her legs for studs. Once dry I painted them with Silver Rainbow Dust mixed with Isopropyl Alcohol.

5. I then made a piping bag of Royal Icing with a No.1 nozzle. I then piped the spikes along her neck collar. Once dry I painted these Silver.

6.I then painted her eye white using Snow Drift Rainbow Dust before painting the rest of the detail of her eye with various colours. I then painted on her eyeliner using Black Magic Rainbow Dust. With the same piping bag I used for the spikes I then carefully piped on her top and bottom eyelashes. Once these had dried I very carefully painted them Black.

7. To finish her I dusted faint stripes up her body using Black Rainbow Dust and dusted a few dots and marks on her lower body before giving her shadowing under her legs.



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