Professor Knight Stages

professor knight stages

1. I started by colouring some white modelling chocolate dark Orange. I then measured this for size against my other characters. From this I then divided pieces for his feet, arms and tail. I then took a thin 4″ cake board and took the two pieces I’d put aside for his feet. I began by modelling the shape of his feet, securing them against the board by using a Dresden Tool to smooth down the sides. I created a bend in the foot to begin to build the shape of his short legs. I wanted them to be quite sturdy so as they would support the weight of his body. I then cut in three toes on each foot using a small palette knife. I then rounded these off and shaped them more at an angle using a small pair of scissors. Using a Ball Tool I then created a small indent at the end of each toe to insert a claw. I then used a Dresden Tool to create creases, bends and definition on his feet and legs. Using a Palette knife I then cut off the top of each leg at an inward angle so as his rounded body would sit on top later on. Taking a small piece of white modelling chocolate I then created six claws for his feet. I made each one into a ball before thinning one end between my fingers to create a point. I secure these into the indents I’d made using Edible Glue. Once dry I then painted these using Chocolate Brown Rainbow Dust. I also dusted them with small amounts of Black and White to create shadowing and highlights. I also used the Brown to create some markings on his legs.

professor feet

2. Next, I took the main piece of Orange modelling chocolate for his main body and head. I rolled this into a large ball and then began modelling it into a tear drop shape, thinning one end for his head. I then slightly rolled this into a sausage shape and used my palm to gently flatten the end. I then gently bent his neck slightly so his head appears drooped. Using my fingers I then began modelling his head and face shape. I gently squeezed and smoothed out where his mouth would be. I then pinched the bottom half of this to create his bottom jaw which sticks out slightly. I then lightly flattened his eye area into a slope. I then used a damp paintbrush to lightly go over everything to smooth it down.

Using a Ball Tool I then made indents for his eyes. I gently pushed the Ball Tool up in each socket to create his big eyelids. I then rolled two small balls of White modelling chocolate for his eyes and secured these into place. I then dabbed the tops of the eyes with glue and pressed the eyelids down into place. I used a Dresden Tool to then further define his eyes. I then lightly marked a line where I wanted his mouth to be positioned. I then used a small Palette to make an opening for his mouth. I used my Dresden Tool to lightly push down into it to give space to secure his teeth. I then lightly dusted the inside of his mouth using Black Magic Rainbow Dust. I then shaped his teeth using tiny pieces of White modelling chocolate. I dabbed his mouth with glue before securing each one into place using a Cocktail stick.

I then took the piece of modelling chocolate left aside for his tail and rolled a smooth ball. I then rolled one end between my fingers to create a thin cone shape. I left this to dry for a while so that it would stand outwards when in place. I then secured it using edible glue and blended in the edges using a damp paintbrush. Using Cream coloured Rainbow Dust I then lightly dusted his stomach.

3. I then created the spikes on the back of his head by rolling tiny spikes from White modelling chocolate and securing each one into place with glue. I also created four for his tail. I then painted his eyelids using Milk Chocolate Rainbow Dust. I then painted the detail of his eyes.

4. I then took a piece of White modelling chocolate for his shirt. I coloured this a brighter white by kneading in Snow Drift Rainbow Dust as white modelling chocolate is a pale cream colour. I then rolled this out thinly and then held it up against his body to check for size. Using a Cutting Wheel I then cut a Rectangle for his shirt. I dabbed his body with glue and placed the shirt around him so as the joins were on his front, I slightly overlapped them. With the excess that I had left over from my trimmings I then made his collar. I did this by rolling a long thin sausage and then used a small Palette Knife to square the edges. I then dabbed the top of his shirt with glue before placing the collar around and trimming to size. Using a Dresden Tool I then defined the collar further and also marked a trim down the side of the opening of his shirt.

I then took a small piece of White modelling chocolate and coloured it pale Brown for his clip-board. I rolled this out before cutting a small Rectangle using a Cutting Wheel. I then made wood markings down the board before dusting over it lightly with some Milk Chocolate Rainbow Dust. I then took a tiny piece of white modelling chocolate and cut out a small Rectangle for the clip on his board. I secured this with glue and then piped a small circle on the top edge. I then piped a small amount of Royal Icing on the side of the shirt and secured the clip-board to it. Once all this was done I place a piece of sponge under his chin to hold the body in position whilst he dried.

5. Using a No.1 nozzle I then piped several square frames for glasses on to a piece of clingfilm to ensure that I’d have left overs if any broke. Once these had dried over a few hours, I piped a small dot of icing under each of his eyes to secure a frame on to. I then carefully used a Cocktail stick to pick one up and put it into place. Once both had dried and set I then piped the arms either side and then join in the middle of the two. Once these had dried I was able to paint the glasses Gold using Rainbow Dust. I then coloured a small amount of White modelling chocolate dark Grey for his tie. I rolled this out and cut out the tie and a separate cube for the knot at the top. I then dabbed his front with glue and secured the tie and the knot in place. I then piped a clip on top.

6. Using my remaining Orange modelling chocolate I then modelled his arms. I did this by rolling a sausage for each and then slightly thinned one end of each for his wrists. Using my fingers I then gently flattened the ends for his hands, then using a small pair of scissors I cut four fingers and used a damp paintbrush to smooth them down. I then took a piece of left over White coloured modelling chocolate and divided in half for his sleeves. I rolled each into a ball and then rolled them out with a Rolling Pin. I then cut them into Rectangles, dabbed them each with glue and then placed the arms on top. I then rolled each arm up into a sleeve and trimmed any excess with a small Palette Knife. I then smoothed the joins with a damp paintbrush. I then cut off the tops of each arm at an angle so as they would fuse and hold easily against the side of his body.  I then slightly bent each arm, dabbed his sides with glue and then secured each arm in place. I also dabbed the front of his shirt with glue and positioned his left arm so as his hand was touching it.


7. I also made a pile of three books to place underneath his left arm once he was on the finished cake board. I did this by cutting three cubes of White modelling chocolate. I then used a Cutting Wheel to mark pages. I then painted them three different colours and painted writing on the sides and front cover of the top book using a small paint brush.



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