Randall Boggs Stages

randall boggs process

1. I started by colouring some white modelling chocolate pale purple using small amounts of purple and pink liquid food colouring. From this I separated a piece for his head and eyes, a piece to make his four hands and arms from a piece for his body and a piece for extras. His feet are made from Flower Paste as I wanted them to be really solid. So I also coloured a small amount of White Flower Paste the same pale purple colour and put this to one side.

I then rolled a smooth ball from the modelling chocolate I’d put aside for his head. I measured the ball against the other characters to see if the proportion was right. Once I was happy with the size I then slightly flattened the ball between my two hands. I then worked the sides of the head and his jaw with my fingers. I gently pinched the sides where his mouth would be to widen them. I then worked my way along the front of his face gently pressing the top and bottom to thin and flatten the front of his face. I then smoothed the head with a damp paintbrush. I then marked out his mouth with a Dresden Tool. I then went back along the markings with a small palette knife. I then dug out the space for the mouth with my Dresden Tool and then smoothed the inside with a damp paintbrush. With my fingers I then gently rubbed and smooth the top and bottom of his mouth to give the impression of his lips.

I then painted the inside of his mouth black with Black Magic Rainbow Dust mixed with isopropyl alcohol. I then dabbed along the top and bottom of his mouth with glue. I then took a small piece of white modelling chocolate and rolled tiny balls of different shapes for his teeth. I picked these up and secured them into place with a cocktail stick.

With a Ball Tool I then made two slight indents slightly forward from the top of his head to glue his two eyes into. I then took two small pieces of white modelling chocolate and rolled them into smooth balls for his eyes. I then took the purple modelling chocolate that I’d left over for his eyes and rolled this out thinly with a Rolling pin. Using a Cutting Wheel I then cut out four eyelids (half-moon shapes) big enough so as they’d curve round and cover the back of his eyes too. I dabbed the white eyes with glue and then positioned the eyelids into place. I manoeuvred the lids into shape using my Dresden Tool. I then blended the two joins at the back together using a small damp paintbrush.

I then created the detail of his skin by gently pressing a no.2 piping nozzle onto the face positioning the circles as closely together as possible.

2. I then painted the detail of his eyes using Rainbow Dusts and carefully marked a line under each eye on the eye lids using a Dresden Tool.

3. I then rolled a smooth sausage from the modelling chocolate I’d left aside for his body. I began to thin one end rolling it against my work surface with my fingers for  his neck. I then did the same with the opposite end rolling it as thin as possible for his tail. I then took a thin 4″ cake board and placed the body on top. Keeping hold of it I carefully wedged some spare modelling chocolate under his sides to support him. I secured these to the board with a Dresden Tool. The body then stood by itself enabling me to work on it. I then took my No.2 nozzle again and repeated his pattern all over his body and tail.

With my Ball Tool I then created four little holes (two on either side) to secure his legs into. I then took the Flower Paster that I’d coloured earlier and rolled four little sausages for his legs and feet. I then thinned one end for his leg. I slightly flattened the larger end for his foot. With a small palette knife I then cut in three toes. I smoothed the end of each one with my finger. With my Dresden Tool I then marked a thin line across the end of each toe to give the tips definition. I then dabbed the indents I’d made with edible glue and pushed each leg in. I was then able to bend the feet into position flat on the board. With a Dresden Tool I then further secured the legs by gently pushing the edges of the indents in so as they joined the leg. I then painted the tips of his toes pale pink using Pink Candy Rainbow Dust.

With my Ball Tool I then made a hole underneath his head to position the neck into. I filled the hole with Royal Icing instead of Glue because his head was quite a big weight for his thin neck to carry and I wanted it to dry as solid as possible. I then pushed the head down onto the neck and removed any excess Royal Icing with a damp paintbrush.

Taking my spare piece of purple modelling chocolate I then rolled three small sausages for the comb on his head. I thinned one end with my fingers and then trimmed each one to size. I dabbed the top of his head with glue and attached each one by carefully blending the base of each one onto his head. I slotted tiny pieces of sponge between each whilst they dried.

4. Now I was able to start colouring his body. I started with two shades of blue. I painted the tip of his tail dark blue and then went about painting individual scales alternatively down his tail. As I reached the centre of his body I began to spread them out more randomly. Next I took White and Pale Pink Dusts. I highlighted scales on his face down his neck and under his belly as well as adding some to his tail. I then took Lavender Edible Art Dust and painted more individual scales all over and used it to lightly dust some on his face to tone down the highlights. With Black Magic Rainbow Dust I then created shadowing.

5. I then took a small piece of white modelling chocolate for his glasses. I divided it into four equal pieces. I rolled each piece into long thin sausages. For the two frames I took each sausage of paste and loosely wrapped them round a biro pen. I then joined the two ends on each one together by pressing them with my fingers. I then dabbed his face with glue and placed the frames on top. I carefully blended in a tiny amount of the edges to the face to further secure them. I then secured the other two sausages I’d rolled out as arms.  I attached one end halfway up the frame and the other at the sides of his head. I trimmed each to size with a small palette knife before attaching the back end. With a piece of trim I then created the band across the centre of the two frames by carefully pressing the two ends into place with a Dresden tool. Once dry I was then able to paint the glasses with Plum Truffle Rainbow Dust.

6. I then modelled the hands in the exact same way as his feet earlier with the modelling chocolate I’d left aside. The only difference is that I rolled his arms longer than his legs. I then dabbed up his sides and front with glue. I attached the arms one at a time either side. I attached the first one and carefully blended in the join with a Dresden Tool and then a damp paintbrush. I then pressed the side of his hand to his front and then carefully opened the fingers wider with a cocktail stick and lightly dabbed in-between with glue. I then attached the second arm the same way but placed the fingers in between the fingers on the other hand. I then gently pressed them so as they bent round together.

I did the exact same method to secure the second set of arms/hands. and then to finish off I painted his finger tips pale pink and gave his arms, chest and under his glasses more shadowing with Black Magic Rainbow Dust.

randall finishedrandall steve pic


3 thoughts on “Randall Boggs Stages

  1. Wow you are so amazingly talented what a great job I couldn’t tell the different between the real characters from your hand crafted characters. Wow I’m speechless!!

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