Rhonda Boyd Stages

rhonda complete

Again I forgot to take photographs of the stages for Rhonda as she was fairly quick to do.

1. I started by colouring a large ball of white modelling chocolate pale pink using liquid food colouring. I then measured this against my other figures to see if the proportion would be right. From this I then separated it into three pieces. One piece for the main body, one piece for the two arms, one piece for spares and one piece to make her spikes from.

I rolled a large smooth ball from the piece for the main body. I then took a thin 4″ board to begin modelling on. I placed the ball on the board and with my fingers I began to carefully press and smooth down the edges until they touched the board. I then used a damp paintbrush to smooth the edges and make them even. Once this was done I chose where and front and back would be. Again with my fingers, I began to carefully press down on the back end to start to create her slug like shape. As I pressed I made sure that I kept the sides from becoming too wide by smoothing them with my palm. Once I was happy with the shape I smoothed and secured the edges along with any finger prints I’d made using a damp paintbrush. I then thinned and made her front slightly longer by smoothing and rolling between my two palms.

2. Using a Ball Tool I then created her eye socket. With a Dresden Tool I then marked a thin line for her mouth. She has thin lips pressed together with a slight pout. I then used the Dresden Tool to create a top and bottom lip by gently pressing up into and down into the line I had marked. Taking two tiny pieces from my spare modelling chocolate I rolled two balls. With one I cut it in half using a small palette knife – this was for the bottom lip. With the other I took a Dresden Tool and pressed it gently in one end to create a heart-like shape, I then cut off the bottom of the opposite side using a palette knife – this was for the top lip. I then attached both in position using edible glue before painting them using Plum Truffle Rainbow Dust mixed with Isopropyl Alcohol.

3. I then rolled a ball of white modelling chocolate for the eye. I wanted it to be slightly too big for the socket so as it slightly stood out from her body and would give her a rounded eyelid. I glued this into the eye socket. Taking a small piece of my spare pink coloured modelling chocolate I rolled a ball and gently flattened it – this was for the eye lid. Using a Cutting Wheel I then trimmed this to a half-moon shape and secured it to the top of the eye using glue. I then painted all the detail of the eye and her thick eyeliner using Rainbow Dusts mixed with alcohol. I then carefully drew a line over the top of her eye lid using a thin paintbrush and Black Magic Rainbow Dust straight from the pot. I blended this slightly so that it wasn’t a blunt line. Using Plum Truffle Rainbow Dust straight from the pot I then gave her some blush on her cheeks, and some shadowing on her eyelid and mouth.

4. From the modelling chocolate I’d put aside for the spikes I then shaped seven spikes, five of equal size and two slightly smaller ones. I did this by rolling thin sausages and then I rolled and thinned one end to create a spike. I gave them a slight bend and then left them to dry for an hour.

5. Whilst waiting for the spikes to dry I coloured some modelling chocolate dark grey (almost black) for her T-shirt. I kept a piece of this to one side to make her sleeves later on. I then rolled the larger piece out thinly with a Rolling Pin. I picked this up and placed it around her so I could see how long and how wide I need it to be. I then cut it to size using a cutting wheel. I lightly dabbed the body with glue before securing the the piece around her so as the joins where positioned at the back. I then blended these together until you could no longer see them using a damp paintbrush. I then hacked into both the bottom and top of the shirt using a small palette knife to give it the appearance of jagged ripped edges. I then tidied these up with a damp paintbrush. I then cut a small square of grey modelling chocolate for the patch on the front. I attached this with glue. This is stitched onto the shirt so I made a piping bag with a no.1 nozzle and piped lines of thread all the way around the patch. Once these were dry I painted the logo ‘HSS’ onto the patch using Snow Drift Rainbow Dust mixed with Isopropyl Alcohol.

6. I then secured the spikes I’d made earlier. I positioned three down the left side of her head with the last one being the smallest and four down the centre of her head with the last one being smaller. Before securing the last one I had to cut a hole to fit into the back of her T-shirt, I did this using a Dresden Tool. I then secured the spike into the hole with edible glue.

7. I then rolled two small sausages from the ball of modelling chocolate I’d left for the arms. I measured these to length by placing them at her sides. I then gently flattened these slightly. She has no hands or detail on her arms.

I then took the piece of grey modelling chocolate that I’d left over for sleeves. From this I rolled two small balls and then  rolled them out using a Rolling Pin. Using a Cutting Wheel I made them into Rectangles.  I then dabbed each one with glue before placing an arm on top of each one at one end. I then rolled the arms up into them to create sleeves. I trimmed off the excess using a Cutting Wheel then blended the two joins together using a damp paintbrush. I then dabbed the two sides of my figure with glue before securing each arm in place by gently pressing them against the sides.

8. Once everything was dry I gave the T-shirt some shadowing using Black Magic Rainbow Dust straight from the pot and I gave her skin and spikes shading and shadowing with Plum Truffle Rainbow Dust.

rhonda steve pic


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