Sonia Lewis Stages

sonia lewis stages

1. I started by colouring some white Flower paste a pale dusky mint blue colour. From this I then rolled two thin sausages for her eyes. These needed time to dry.  I then coloured some white modelling chocolate the same colour. Next I took a thin 4″ cake board to work on. From my modelling chocolate I then put aside two pieces to make the eyes from later on and two pieces to make the arms from.

With my remaining modelling chocolate for the rest of the body I rolled a smooth sausage shape. I then held this against my other figures to check it was the appropriate size. I then held this on my board. With my other hand I began pressing down all the edges on to the board so as they spread out. From this I needed to make five tentacles. With a palette knife I then removed even sections leaving five strips to create the tentacles from. I then rolled each strip into a sausage with my fingers. I then bent them into different positions, some touching the board and others bent up or curled round. With a damp paintbrush I then smoothed any joins and marks.

I then focused on the sausage in the centre, I rolled this thinner between by palms and cut away any excess at the top with a palette knife so as the figure was the right height. With my fingers I then gently flattened the top end to create the face. i then slightly flattened the top using my finger and shaped the sides by gently rubbing them. I then smoothed the face and neck with a damp paintbrush.

Next I coloured some modelling chocolate black using liquid food colouring. I put some of this to one side to make accessories like the collar and belt and rolled out the rest thinly. I then held this up against the body to see how long and wide the jacket needed to be. Using a Cutting Wheel I then cut a rectangle to size. I then dabbed the body with edible glue and placed the rectangle around so as the join was at the front to her right hand side. With my Cutting Wheel I then trimmed off any excess at a slight angle as the join was going to be turned into the zip on her jacket. I didn’t completely disguise the join as I normally do because I wanted it to mark out where the zip was. Using Silver Rainbow Dust mixed with Isopropyl Alcohol I then painted the join silver. With a Cocktail stick I then lightly made some markings.

I then rolled a long thin sausage from my black modelling chocolate for the belt. I slightly flattened this with my fingers before attaching with glue. I blended the two joins together using a small damp paintbrush. I then rolled a tiny ball of black modelling chocolate and flattened it against my work surface. With a small palette knife I then cut it into a small square. I then cut out the inside of the square leaving me with the trim of the outside. I removed one side of the square trim. I then carefully picked it up with a cocktail stick and secured it onto the belt with glue for the buckle. I then glued the piece of trim that I’d removed on to the belt but so as one end was resting on the buckle. With a cocktail stick I then marked the holes on the belt. Once dry I painted the bucked silver.

I then made another small square of black modelling chocolate – this was for the pocket on her left hand side. With a Dresden Tool I then marked the top opening/flap of the pocket and rolled a tiny ball of white modelling chocolate and attached it with glue for a button. Once dry I painted it silver.

I then thinly rolled out my remaining black modelling chocolate. With a Cutting Wheel I cut two equal sized triangles for the collar and one larger triangle for the collar at the back of her neck. I then cut off the tip at the thinnest end of the large one. I lightly dabbed the top of the jacket and her neck with glue before pressing the back collar on. I carefully bent back the top of the collar slightly and disguised any joins with a damp paintbrush. I then attached the two smaller triangle at the front of her jacket. I blended together where they met in the middle with a damp paint brush before marking a slight neck line with a Dresden Tool.

I then rolled lot of tiny balls of white modelling chocolate to attach all over the collar. I carefully picked them up and attached them with a cocktail stick. I had to wait for them to dry before painting them silver.

2. With my Dresden Tool I then marked out her mouth in the centre of the face. I then used the Dresden tool to gently push up into the smile line to create a top lip. I used my fingers to gently rub and press above it to give more definition.With a Cocktail sick I then made two holes in the top of her head. These were to secure the eyes into. I wasn’t going to do this until later once the Flower Paste had had more time to dry.

3. The next day I started by rolling a small ball of white modelling chocolate and splitting it in two. This was for her lips. I rolled both halves into tiny balls before gently flattening them against my work surface. With a Cutting Wheel I then cut one in half – this was for the bottom lip. I secured this with glue under the bottom half of her mouth. I then cut the other piece into a heart shape. I then cut off the tip of the heart, leaving me with her top lip. I secured this with glue and then with a Dresden Tool I carefully pressed and dragged the sides of the lip outwards to make them a bit wider. I then painted the lips using Plum Truffle Rainbow Dust mixed with Isopropyl Alcohol. I then rolled two tiny balls of white modelling chocolate before gently flattening them and cutting them into small rectangles using a small palette knife. These were for her two teeth. I carefully picked these up with a Cocktail stick and secured each one to the bottom of her top lip to give her that ‘goofy’ appearance. With the Plum Truffle I then dusted some freckles on her cheeks.

I then took a small ball of white modelling chocolate and coloured it dark purple using liquid food colouring. This was for her hair. I rolled it into a smooth ball and then rolled it out thinly with a Rolling Pin. I then held this against her head to measure for size. I then cut it into a rectangle using a Cutting Wheel. I kept the excess to one side to add some extras later.  I then marked out each individual hair by repeatedly rolling the Cutting Wheel over and over the piece. I then turned it over and did the same on the other side. This slightly distorted the markings I’d made on the front so I had to go over these again as the ones on the outside where more important than those on the inside. I then dabbed her head with glue and placed the hair around. I had to carefully trim away the sides with a small palette knife so as they didn’t cover too much of her face. With my excess dark purple modelling chocolate I then cut out small pieces and marked them as hair and placed them on top of her head to cover any bald spots. I then gave her a slight fringe and two slightly more raised pieces at the front of her head. I blended in the joins of all the extra pieces by running the Cutting Wheel over them to mix them in with the rest of the hair. I then dusted strands of hair with Plum Truffle Rainbow Dust and Black to give shadowing and more definition.

4. With a cocktail stick I then had to guess where I’d created the two holes in her head earlier. I did this purely by memory and a little bit of trial and error. Luckily I found them second time round. I pushed the cocktail stick in through the hair and into the holes in her hair. I then dabbed the holes with glue before taking my two thin sausages of Flower Paste and carefully pushing them in. With a Dresden Tool I then carefully pushed the edges of the holes inwards till they were touching the Flower Paste all the way round. This would make them more secure. I then left these to dry for a few hours.

5. In the mean time I rolled two small balls of pale blue modelling chocolate for her eyes. With a Dresden Tool I then marked out the shape of her eye. I painted this White using Snow Drift Rainbow Dust mixed with Isopropyl Alcohol and then painted the detail of her eye in various colours as well as lining her eye with black for eyeliner. I then dusted stripes on her tentacles with Navy Rainbow Dust and also gave some shadowing to the rest of her body.

6. Once the Flower Paste was dry enough to withstand me securing the eyes I carefully created a hole in the bottom of each eye using a Cocktail stick, I dabbed these with glue and then very carefully pushed the eyes down onto the Flower Paste. This took a few attempts as it was very fiddly! Finally I got them into the right position and I placed a small piece of sponge between the two to keep them balanced while they dried.

7. Finally once the eyes had been left to dry over night I made a Piping bag of black coloured Royal Icing and a No.1 nozzle to carefully pipe eyelashes above and below the eyes. Once dry I carefully painted them with Black Magic Rainbow Dust. I did accidentally knock some of these off whilst I was securing my Monsters to the cake at the end and so had to pipe some more.

Sonia completesonia steve pic


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