The Monsters University Entrance

monsters university entrance official disney pic

When deciding what I wanted the main part of my cake to be I wanted to choose a subject that would best showcase a variety of Sugar craft skills.

At first I debated sculpting the Librarian from the film out of sponge. She is ten times the size of the other monsters and has tentacles like an octopus. She picks up and throws the monsters out of the library when they make a noise. But I didn’t want to risk this as I’d then have to model the figures as though they were scared and running and with some of them having thin tentacles and arms I didn’t want them to break on the journey down to Birmingham.

The other option that I had in mind was to create the Monsters University entrance as I thought that this had a wider variety of elements to it that would allow me to practise and show more skills. I wanted to create the sign itself from a Royal Icing run out and I knew this would be my biggest challenge. But I decided to go ahead with it as I thought this would look more impressive and effective.




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