The University Entrance Process

towers process 1towers process 2

1. I started by looking at a still from the film with the characters stood in front of the towers. I measured Sully and Mike and then measured the towers and calculated the difference. I then measured my figures and calculated how big the towers would have to be. Once I’d done this I cut out seven squares from the sponge for each tower (fourteen in total) I then built them on top of each other and secured a skewer through each so as they would hold steady whilst I carved. I then carved the shapes of the towers with a sharp knife. Once finished, I removed the skewers. I then smoothed butter cream in-between each layer and around the outside of the sponge. I then coloured Sugarpaste pale Grey and covered the two towers, wrapping the paste around securing the joins at the back. I then trimmed away any excess around the top and bottom of each.

2. I then marked a base around the bottom of each tower. I then marked a window on each tower using a Dresden tool and then carefully cut out the paste. I then used a knife to cut out the sponge inside. I then marked each tile on the tower using a Dresden Tool.

3. I mixed a pale Grey using white modelling chocolate for the accessories on the towers. I then made the stone emblems. I did this by rolling a smooth ball of modelling chocolate. I then sliced it in half with a palette knife. I smoothed the edges with my fingers. I then carefully flattened the rounded sides with my finger. Using a Dresden Tool I then made the markings before securing the emblems on to the towers with edible glue. I then cut out four small triangles of modelling chocolate and secured two on each emblem so as they looked like little ears. I then made a piping bag with a No.1 nozzle and piped very carefully with Royal Icing on to the emblems to create the Monsters University logo.

4. I then used the modelling chocolate to create the edges on the four sides of each tower and around the base that I’d marked earlier. I also used it to create a frame and shelf for the cut out window. I then marked lines on these like stones using a Dresden Tool. I then created two squares to sit on top of the two towers. I secured these down with butter cream. I then made markings on them like large stone slabs using a Dresden Tool.

5. I then created fang like stones out of modelling chocolate to go around the top of each tower. I secured these with Royal Icing. Once dry I then shaded over both towers with Black, and White Rainbow Dusts to create shadow, highlights and detail.

6. I then cut out leaves from Green coloured Flower Paste and used a Ball Tool to thin their edges and curve them. I then coloured some Royal Icing Brown and piped branches randomly all around the tower like Ivy. I then used the piping bag to pipe small dots to secure the leaves into position.


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