University Sign

university sign

I’d nearly completed my cake but the final task was the most challenging. I wanted to create a Royal Icing runout that I could secure and hang between the two towers. I didn’t know if this would be possible or whether it was survive long enough to be judged. I read Eddie Spence’s book to learn about runouts and what I would need to do. I then printed out an image of the sign to the exact size I needed it to be. I had measured the distance between the two towers. I then pinned the image to a cake board with a thin plastic sheet on top for me to pipe onto. I then made two piping bags, one for flooding and one for piping lines and detail. I then piped all the outlines of the sign and the University logo with all its detail on top. I then flooded in the outlines of the lettering and the sign. In total I made six of these. Two I discovered I’d made my flooding icing too watery and so it was drying fully. The third broke in one place when peeling it off the plastic. The fourth, fifth and sixth all came to the show with me.

I decided that I wasn’t going to attach the sign until the day before I had to hand my cake in. We arrived at the show a day early to set up our stand. In the afternoon I sat with my cake at our stand carefully securing the sign between the two towers with Royal Icing. I then placed squares of sponge piled on top of each other underneath the sign. I left this to dry over night in the exhibition hall and spent all night worrying if it would be ok the next day!

By morning the sign had dried and now all that was left was to carry it over to the Competition tables. I collected my number sticker and my Competitors badge. I felt so unbelievably nervous seeing all the other competitors arriving to set up their cakes. My dad and I carefully placed my cake onto a trolley and wheeled it over to the Competition area at the pace of a snail! We then lifted it up into my place and set it down. I could finally breathe. The cake had made it all the way to Birmingham without any damage and the sign had dried and stayed in between the two towers!

On the Saturday morning my mum had arrived at the show an hour before the rest of us. And when she saw me walk in the exhibition hall she came straight over and said “Come and look at your cake” I asked her why and she just replied “nothing, just wanted to go and see if it’s still ok”. I knew deep down that she’d already seen the result but I stayed silent because I was terrified of knowing what it was. When we got to my table and I saw that I had won Gold I burst into tears. I couldn’t believe it. I also felt a tonne of stress lift from me and disappear! It was one of the happiest moments of my life. I will never forget it and I can’t wait to compete again soon.



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