Scott “Squishy” Squibbles Stages


I chose to start with Scott as I wanted to start with the main characters who are all in the fraternity Oozma Kappa. Scott looked to me as though he had the most simple shape and as I wasn’t confident with figure modelling I thought I’d give myself the easiest start possible.

1. I started by mixing a pale fleshy pink colour from white modelling chocolate. Using my picture reference, judging the size difference between him and some of the other characters I was able to estimate accurately how big he should be. I coloured enough modelling chocolate to create the entire body and leave enough left over for any extras. From this, I then rolled a smooth ball and made it into a pear shape, rounding and shaping the head with my fingers. I then smoothed out any marks with a damp flat paintbrush. Next, I flattened his bottom end against my work surface and began to manoeuver it with my fingers at the sides, back and front to create his feet. I then carefully sliced through the middle with a small palette knife to create two feet. Using my fingertips I then gently pressed on each foot to create the shape of his foot. I defined this further with a Dresden tool. I then used the Dresden tool to mark his mouth. With a ball tool I then created five evenly spaced eye sockets. Taking my coloured modelling chocolate that I’d made for extras, I took two small pieces, gently flattened them to shape with my fingers and using a damp paintbrush I smoothed them above the corners of his smile to create two cheeks.

2. From uncoloured white modelling chocolate I then created five small balls for his eyes. I dabbed each eye socket with glue and placed the eyes inside.

3. I then painted on his eyes and eyebrows with a small paintbrush using rainbow dust colours and isopropyl alcohol. With a slightly larger brush I then lightly dusted him with pink Rainbow Dust, giving shadow and definition to areas such as his mouth and feet.

4. Next, I coloured some modelling chocolate pale green. I rolled a small fat sausage and then rolled it out with a rolling pin. Using a cutting wheel I then cut off the ends so as I had a flat rectangle long enough to wrap around his body. With a stitching wheel I then created the knitted jumper effect. I lightly glued his body and placed the jumper around him, carefully trimming it to size. I then blended the joins together using a damp paintbrush. Using a Dresden tool I then marked a neckline and a bottom trim. From my pink modelling chocolate I then shaped two even arms, gently flattening the ends for his hands and snipping a small thumb using a small pair of scissors. I glued one on so as it was at his side and the other so as it was bent into a waving position.

5. From my green modelling chocolate I then made him a hat by rolling a small ball measuring it against his head for size and then flattening it gently, rounding the edges with my fingers. I then attached it to the centre of his head with glue. Next I made the peak of the cap by rolling out a small piece of modelling chocolate and cutting the shape out using a cutting wheel. I then rolled a small ball for the centre and attached it with glue. I finished it off by making markings with a Dresden tool. I then rolled out some modelling chocolate for the sleeves of his jumper. Again I made two small rectangles and made their markings with a stitching wheel. I attached each one around the arms, trimmed to size and blended in the joins with a damp paintbrush. I then gently dusted his hat and jumper with rainforest green Rainbow Dust.

6. Using Royal Icing coloured brown I then piped his hair coming out from under his hat using a number two nozzle. To finish him off I painted ‘OK’ on his jumper using mustard Rainbow Dust, which is the abbreviation for his fraternity ‘Oozma Kappa’.

scott finished


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