Disney Pixar Recognition!

Could never have dreamed in a million years that Disney Pixar would get in touch with me asking if they could create a post on their Facebook page about my cake.

This past week has well and truly been the most rewarding and memorable week of my life. I can’t wait to start a new project!

me and cake

Congratulations to Disney Pixar fan, Alice Davies, on winning the Gold Medal at Cake International for her Monsters University inspired sculptured novelty cake! — with Alice Elizabeth Davies.


The Idea

When thinking about what design to do for my cake I knew that I wanted to well and truly challenge myself and give myself the opportunity to practise and attempt to try out various sugar craft techniques. I’m not one for doing things half heartedly and even though I’d only ever had one go at figure modelling I was determined from the off set to have figures as a main feature on my cake.

Early August my boyfriend and I went to see Monsters University at the cinema. The film was so vivid, colourful, playful and humorous and I thought to myself what a brilliant cake theme it would make. I played various other ideas over and over through my mind but still Monsters University was the one that obviously stood out to me. I saw it as a brilliant opportunity to practise my figure modelling skills as the characters are all so diverse and each and every one has their own distinctive personality and I wanted to be able to express these through my chosen medium.

The Objectives

  • I’d already set my heart on using modelling chocolate to make my figures. I’d never worked with it before but was determined to use it as I felt that it best gave the effect that I desired. I love how it has a slight shine to it due to the cocoa butter, I think that this gives characters a more believable ‘skin’ effect.
  • I wanted to make my figures as realistic as possible.
  • I wanted people to be able to read the characters’ personalities from their expressions.
  • I’d read all the guidelines on competition entries for each individual class and was undecided on whether to enter the ‘Novelty Cake’ class or the ‘Sculpted Novelty Cake’ Class as the only element of my cake I’d decided on so far was the figures! However, both classes stated that EVERYTHING had to be edible and you aren’t allowed to use supports or dummies. This worried me slightly as I was unsure how I’d be able to get some of the more difficult shaped figures to balance and not break, especially on the 2 hour drive down to Birmingham!
  • I wanted my cake to be big and have a wow factor about not only the detail in the figures but also in whatever I chose to decorate my cake as.

And finally…

  • Impress my mum and dad as they were the ones to pressure me into entering and I wanted to prove to them that I could do it!

Scott Squishy Squibbles


Scott “Squishy” Squibbles is the tritagonist in Monsters University. He is a five-eyes jelly-like monster. A student at Monsters University, he is a member of the Oozma Kappa fraternity.

Scott “Squishy” Squibbles Stages


I chose to start with Scott as I wanted to start with the main characters who are all in the fraternity Oozma Kappa. Scott looked to me as though he had the most simple shape and as I wasn’t confident with figure modelling I thought I’d give myself the easiest start possible.

1. I started by mixing a pale fleshy pink colour from white modelling chocolate. Using my picture reference, judging the size difference between him and some of the other characters I was able to estimate accurately how big he should be. I coloured enough modelling chocolate to create the entire body and leave enough left over for any extras. From this, I then rolled a smooth ball and made it into a pear shape, rounding and shaping the head with my fingers. I then smoothed out any marks with a damp flat paintbrush. Next, I flattened his bottom end against my work surface and began to manoeuver it with my fingers at the sides, back and front to create his feet. I then carefully sliced through the middle with a small palette knife to create two feet. Using my fingertips I then gently pressed on each foot to create the shape of his foot. I defined this further with a Dresden tool. I then used the Dresden tool to mark his mouth. With a ball tool I then created five evenly spaced eye sockets. Taking my coloured modelling chocolate that I’d made for extras, I took two small pieces, gently flattened them to shape with my fingers and using a damp paintbrush I smoothed them above the corners of his smile to create two cheeks.

2. From uncoloured white modelling chocolate I then created five small balls for his eyes. I dabbed each eye socket with glue and placed the eyes inside.

3. I then painted on his eyes and eyebrows with a small paintbrush using rainbow dust colours and isopropyl alcohol. With a slightly larger brush I then lightly dusted him with pink Rainbow Dust, giving shadow and definition to areas such as his mouth and feet.

4. Next, I coloured some modelling chocolate pale green. I rolled a small fat sausage and then rolled it out with a rolling pin. Using a cutting wheel I then cut off the ends so as I had a flat rectangle long enough to wrap around his body. With a stitching wheel I then created the knitted jumper effect. I lightly glued his body and placed the jumper around him, carefully trimming it to size. I then blended the joins together using a damp paintbrush. Using a Dresden tool I then marked a neckline and a bottom trim. From my pink modelling chocolate I then shaped two even arms, gently flattening the ends for his hands and snipping a small thumb using a small pair of scissors. I glued one on so as it was at his side and the other so as it was bent into a waving position.

5. From my green modelling chocolate I then made him a hat by rolling a small ball measuring it against his head for size and then flattening it gently, rounding the edges with my fingers. I then attached it to the centre of his head with glue. Next I made the peak of the cap by rolling out a small piece of modelling chocolate and cutting the shape out using a cutting wheel. I then rolled a small ball for the centre and attached it with glue. I finished it off by making markings with a Dresden tool. I then rolled out some modelling chocolate for the sleeves of his jumper. Again I made two small rectangles and made their markings with a stitching wheel. I attached each one around the arms, trimmed to size and blended in the joins with a damp paintbrush. I then gently dusted his hat and jumper with rainforest green Rainbow Dust.

6. Using Royal Icing coloured brown I then piped his hair coming out from under his hat using a number two nozzle. To finish him off I painted ‘OK’ on his jumper using mustard Rainbow Dust, which is the abbreviation for his fraternity ‘Oozma Kappa’.

scott finished

James P. Sullivan (Sulley)

sulley official disney pic   James “Jimmy” P. “Sulley” Sullivan is the protagonist in Monsters Inc and the deuteragonist in it’s prequel Monsters University. He is a huge monster with shaggy blue fur with purple spots, two small horns on his head, and a long tail.