Challenge Number 2… Cake International Manchester Competition and Mary Berry!

After the competition in November I was determined to enter again in March’s Manchester Cake International show.

Again I wished to challenge myself to create something I’d never done before.

After studying Art and makeup and prosthetics I knew I had a love for drawing/creating people. Especially older people.. I love the details of skin and in my drawings I’ve always tried to capture the persons’ personality and emotion whilst making my drawings as realistic as possible. And whilst on my makeup course I had the chance to get a feel of what it’s like to create people/skin in a 3D form using silicone – making my Art even more realistic.

Biro Drawing This is an A4 Biro Drawing I did three years ago whilst I was doing my A Levels in 2011

draw5 This is an A3 Biro Drawing I did the same year.

pros pros2 Prosthetic work – bit more gory than cake decorating!


So for the Manchester Competition I decided that I wanted to make a life size bust of Mary Berry. She would be attending the show and so I thought it would be a great opportunity.


Like my Monsters University cake I entered her into the Sculpted Novelty Cake category which states that the entire cake must be edible and no internal supports are to be used. She was made entirely from Sponge cake and modelling chocolate. Her pearls where strung together using Royal Icing. The flags and board where made from Sugarpaste.

I was awarded a Silver medal for my cake!

I will be posting the stages of how I made her from start to finish soon.


Manchester Cake and Bake Show!

Last week I received an invite to display my work at the Cake and Bake Show Manchester which opened its doors today and closes Sunday!

I travelled to the show yesterday to set up my table, it looks like it’s going to be a busy weekend!

I have left contact forms for people to fill out to keep informed about upcoming classes in our brand new classroom that opens in May!

I’ve also organised my first class on eventbrite.

alice's table

Terri and Terry Perry

terri and terry official disney pic

They are yellow four-armed siamese brothers with horns and orange stripes on their tentacles, and students at Monsters University, as well as members of the Oozma Kappa fraternity. Terri is the smallest and has one horn; Terry is the tallest and has two horns.

James P. Sullivan (Sulley)

sulley official disney pic   James “Jimmy” P. “Sulley” Sullivan is the protagonist in Monsters Inc and the deuteragonist in it’s prequel Monsters University. He is a huge monster with shaggy blue fur with purple spots, two small horns on his head, and a long tail.

Marcia Garcia Stages

maria garcia process

Out of all of the characters I would say that Marcia Garcia was the easiest to make.

1. I started by colouring a large ball of white modelling chocolate bright Red. From this I separated two pieces for her arms and two pieces for her hair. I then rolled a large ball with the piece for her main body. I rolled one end into a slight cone shape and gently flattened the top of her head with my palm. I then took a thing 4″ cake board and positioned the body on top. With my fingers I then pressed down all the bottom edge of the ball to the board and then smoothed this off with a damp paintbrush. She only has one eye on show because her other eye is hidden under her hair so I made one eye socket using a Ball Tool. I then rolled a small ball of white modelling chocolate, dabbed the socket with glue and then placed the eye inside. With a Dresden Tool I then marked out the mouth and then carefully dug out the inside before smoothing it down with a damp paintbrush.

With a small pair of scissors I then snipped in all of her hair apart from where I knew her jacket would cover later on.

I then painted the inside of her mouth with Black Magic Rainbow Dust mixed with Isopropyl Alcohol and also painted the detail of her eye and one eyebrow. I then took six tiny pieces of white modelling chocolate for teeth, dabbed the top of the mouth with glue and inserted each one with a Cocktail Stick. I then rolled two tiny, long, thin sausages of white modelling chocolate for her lips. I trimmed them to size with a Cutting Wheel before dabbing around the mouth with glue and then placing one sausage on for her top lip and one for the bottom. I disguised the joins with a Dresden Tool and a small damp paint brush.

2. I then took a piece of red modelling chocolate that I’d put aside for her hair. I gently flattened it between my hands. I then placed it on my work surface and created the strands of hair by repeatedly running over it with a Cutting Wheel. I made some at the front in a sweeping direction to give the impression of a side fringe. I couldn’t secure the other side of her hair until her jacket had been put on because the hair hangs over it slightly.

3. I then coloured a piece of white modelling chocolate lilac for the jacket. From this I put two small pieces aside for her sleeves. I rolled this out thinly with a Rolling Pin. I then held this against the body to measure for size. I then cut a thin Rectangle to size using a Cutting Wheel. I brushed the entire body with glue and then placed the Rectangle around so as the join was at the back. I then disguised the join using a damp paintbrush.

4. With a Dresden Tool I then marked an opening on the front of the jacket, a collar all the way around the top and two small pockets either side. I then made her second piece of hair using the piece of red modelling chocolate that I’d put to one side earlier. I made this the same way as I made the other but positioned it so as it hung over where her other eye would have been. I glued the second piece on so as it gave her a middle parting on top of her head. I then disguised this further by going over it with a Cutting Wheel to create more strands of hair.

5. I then gave her body, face and hair some shadowing using Black Magic Rainbow Dust. I also painted on all the details of her jacket and her fraternity name ‘EEK’. I did this using Plum Truffle and Snow Drift Rainbow Dust. I painted the collar and bottom trim using Lavender Edible Art Dust and Snow Drift Rainbow Dust.

6. I then took the two pieces of red modelling chocolate that I’d put to one side for her arms. I rolled them into equal sized sausages and then snipped hair all over them using a small pair of scissors. She has no definition for hands. I then rolled out the two pieces of lilac modelling chocolate that I’d put aside for her sleeves. I rolled these out thinly and cut them into thin Rectangles using a Cutting Wheel. I then dabbed them with glue and placed an arm on top of each one. I then rolled the arms up into the sleeves and trimmed where needed with a small Palette Knife. I then disguised the joins with a damp paintbrush. I then cut the tops of the arms off at an angle so as they would fuse together with the sides of the body perfectly. I dabbed the sides of the jacket with glue and pressed the arms into position. I placed small pieces of sponge underneath them whilst they dried. Once dry I then painted the same trim around the bottom of each one as the one on the bottom of her jacket.


maria garcia complete